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Lahooti Melo is a cause-based international music festival that recreates a sense of old-world neighborliness, where the community gathers, connects and builds bonds that grow stronger each passing year. 

It is astounding how each year, the festival not only maintains, but keeps on enhancing this vibe along with orbiting a theme that is need of the time.


As the festival's creative director since 2016, My task is to create the its visual identity and designs that are carried out throughout all of Lahooti's social media and on ground festival branding.

For Lahooti Melo 2020, each week leading to the festival, the team kept evolving its design with their interpretations of its theme for this year: Eco, Not Ego.

It is a slogan that covered subjects like sustainability, climate change, wildlife, policymaking, environmentalism and indigenous rights. These designs were used for Lahooti's cover photos, display images and animations for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, posters, panaflexes, murals, merchandise and backdrops. 

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