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Areesha Khuwaja is a passionate illustrator and artist with a strong connection to her ancestral heritage. Under the artist alias "Pakkhee," symbolizing renewal and transformation, the artist approaches each project with a fresh perspective and a customized workflow. Through her artwork, she explores the complexities of identity, culture, language, and wisdom, delving into the interplay between land, language, folklore, nature, and technology. These interests infom her work as an art director at Lahooti, an organization building bridges between indigenous and modern cultures through music, art, and storytelling.

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Transforming concepts into compelling visual stories

With a wealth of industry experience, Areesha's role as a Festival Art Director and Physical Experience Designer at Lahooti has honed her skills to a fine point. Guiding the domains of art direction, social media, web and print design, and the creation of tangible experiences for Lahooti’s festivals, she has engaged in collaborations with an array of artists, performers, and organizations. This collaborative spirit has adeptly transformed visions into captivating animations, murals, and stage designs under her stewardship. Moreover, her involvement in crafting animations for collaborations with governmental bodies showcases her adeptness in conveying intricate narratives through the medium of visual storytelling.


Her technical prowess further amplifies her creative spectrum. Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro, Areesha navigates seamlessly between the realms of digital and traditional art and sculpting techniques. This versatility empowers her to adapt her artistic expression to an array of mediums and platforms, a trait that proves vital in navigating the dynamic currents of the contemporary creative landscape.

Awards, Exhibits and Skills


Merit Award in Animation Category from 3x3 Illustration Mag

Showcased an AR Animation at the Lahore Digital Arts Festival


Showcased work at Kuala Lumpur Illustration Fair

Represented Pakistan at Genesis Academy Summer Institue

Crafted animations for collaborations with governmental bodies, showcasing adeptness in conveying intricate narratives through visual storytelling

Adept in navigation between digital and traditional illustration and sculpting techniques, enriching creative spectrum and versatility

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