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Lahooti Melo 2019

An ode to a liberated woman


Behind the design

At Lahooti Melo 2019, I had the privilege of serving as the Physical Experience Designer and Art Director. With the theme, 'An Ode to a Liberated Woman, this dynamic two-day celebration of women through art, music, and discourse was a powerful testament to the spirit of women's empowerment. My role involved crafting the physical experience, bringing the event's theme to life through art installations, stage designs, and social media branding. It was a remarkable opportunity to contribute to an event that symbolized inclusivity, gender equity, and the freedom of expression, while also making a resounding statement in support of survivors of sexual harassment.

I opted for imagery that embodies the strength of womanhood. The event logo serves as a representation of women's boundless capabilities and their ability to write their own narratives. Through the event designs, I aimed to convey the theme's essence with sensitivity, incorporating elements that symbolize strength and hope, vibrant colors, and the wisdom inherent in the celebration of women's autonomy. 

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