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Quality of Grace, 2020
Untitled design (6).png

Fakir Zulfiqar is a master musician, specializing in the Boreendo, an ancient clay instrument discovered in Mohen Jo Daro. His musical prowess extends to the Narr, a bamboo flute, and the Sindhi Tambooro, a ukulele-like instrument with a local twist. What's truly exceptional is Fakir's ability to play the Narr with just one hand and even harmoniously blend the Narr and Tambooro together. His vibrant personality shines through his music.

In this illustration, I've incorporated a peacock, symbolizing Lord Krishna's influence and the harmonious coexistence of Thari people with peacocks. In Hinduism, peacock feathers represent divine wisdom and self-awareness.

This artwork is aptly named "Quality of Grace" to reflect the delicate and graceful movements possessed by folk musicians, often intertwined with a subtle feminine quality. It embodies a harmonious blend of cultural influences and musical finesse.

This artwork remains untouched by commercial use, making it available for potential licensing. If you're interested in acquiring it as a print, click here.

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