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Fakir Zulfiqar primarily plays Boreendo, a thousands of years old musical instrument made of clay that was discovered in Mohen Jo Daro. Apart from Boreendo, he enjoys playing Narr (bamboo flute depicted in the Illustration above), and Tambooro (Fakir's Tambooro sounds pretty much like ukulele with a Sindhi touch). He is also skilled in making these instruments himself. 

Fakir has a distinctive style of playing instruments. I am especially amazed at how he plays Narr with only one hand. Sometimes he effortlessly plays Narr and Tambooro together. His buoyant personality is reflected in his style of playing music. 
I added the peacock inspired by Lord Krishna, as well as the harmony that Thari people live in with peacocks. In Hinduism, peacock feather symbolises divine wisdom & self awareness.


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