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New Moon Retreat

When Mehla Sarki, a yoga instructor and holistic wellness facilitator, approached me for the "New Moon Retreat" project, her brief was filled with a sense of serenity and a desire for a deep connection between her participants. She envisioned an artwork that would encapsulate the essence of this retreat—a space for self-reflection, healing, and spiritual growth in light of the new moon.


Mehla expressed her wish for soothing hues that would evoke calm and tranquility, making attendees feel instantly at peace when they encountered the artwork. The focal point of the illustration was to be her circle of participants and glowing pink moon, symbolizing new beginnings, transformation, and the cyclical nature of life. She emphasized the importance of the moon's reflection on the connection circle, signifying unity and the profound sense of community that the retreat aimed to foster. She also asked me for a couple of color variations that she can use for her other retreats with a similar theme but for a different time of the day or seasons.

Initial Sketches

Untitled_Artwork 193.png
Untitled_Artwork 192.png

Rejected idea

Selected idea

Untitled_Artwork 196.png

Final Artwork for Web and Social Media

Untitled design-7.png
New Moon Retreat.jpg
IMG_7846 2.PNG
IMG_7838 2.PNG
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