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Kajlasar of Parinagar, 2021

Kajlasar of Parinagar - read by Atlas Abeer - written by Khalil KumbharAtlas Abeer
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Kajlasar, a legendary pond in the ruins of Parinagar, Nagarparkar, Sindh, is the muse behind this artwork. It draws inspiration from a cherished local folktale that tells the story of Jain women from Parinagar, who would visit this pond at dawn to bathe, their eyes adorned with heavy kohl. The tale narrates how their kohl-lined eyes created intricate patterns on the pond's surface, turning the waters dark. Notably, kohl was a significant adornment for Jain women, enhancing their features, especially their eyes, with striking beauty.


The rocks depicted in this piece take inspiration from the distinctive landscape of Karoonjhar.

Tools: ipad pro, procreate

Poem Credits:
Recitation by Atlas Abeer
Written by Kalil Kumbhar

ڪجل جي ريک ڪپرن تي

‏تلاءُ ۾ چنڊ پئي تڙڳيا

‏کٿورين جا اکا آڻي 

‏سکين پئي جر ڏيئا موهيا

‏ڪڏھن ٿينديس سُکان آئون

‏ڀڳي هڏ جيئن ڏُکان آئون 


‏خليل ڪمڀار

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