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The Billion Trees


The Sketches for Dubai Expo

Procreate, After Effects 

I was asked by The Sketches, a jamshoro-based contemporary folk band to visually interpret their sound installation for Dubai Expo in 2021. The installation was created to celebrate then prime minister's 'Billion Tree Tsunami' project aimed at combating Climate Change.

The brief was to create an illustrated an animated visualizer that draws the viewers into a peaceful green environment. The installation captured rare bird sounds from various Pakistani jungles. This visualizer is an ode to our natural world, trees and biodiveristy.


I began by sketching out the rough composition to weave a little story into it. The deliberate placement of three different birds in a triangle was chosen to establish balance within the composition. One of the characters is placed close to the camera to invite the viewer to engage with the scene and evoke curiosity, majking them feeling like a part o the story being told through the visualizer.

After the client approved the sketch, I created a value sketch on top of it. This added depth and contrast to the scene, making it easier to choose colors and maintain the narrative's cohesion.

Finally, to enhance the visualizer's immersion, I used After Effects to incorporate animated visual effects.

billion trees mockup.png
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